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Live streaming is a powerful way to give the gift of an immersive experience at the time of the funeral.
It's a form of content that lets time-sensitive and important occassions be seen by people who matter, so they don't miss out.

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Example of an unedited livestream with live drone footage

Live streaming

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we’ll record the stream at the maximum stream quality. Editing services are also available to tidy up or shorten your event so it’s a pleasure to watch again after the event.

Indoors, outdoors – almost anywhere! If the venue doesn’t have ethernet or reliable wi-fi, we can use cellular connection. If that’s not going to be reliable because reception is limited, a cellular bonding solution might be very suitable!

Your funeral stream will be hosted by YouTube by default. Talk to us if you need the stream to be hosted by another platform.

We can currently provide 3 camera angles and have an additional feed from a slideshow, video or other media source.

Yes! We can even add drone footage into your livestream. It’s a wonderful way of showing the place, scale and special elements of a funeral such as a procession of vehicles, large crowd or outdoor service. Just be sure to select the drone add-on service!

*Requires reasonable weather i.e. not raining, and be in an area where flight is permitted